5 Bizarre Baths from Around the World

Have you ever tried to have a bath in an unusual manner? While the not- regular milk bath is something heard of, there are various other kinds which are still unheard by many. Different baths have their own tradition and has gained momentum in that particular region.
Some of them have become popular because it is beneficial to the body and the fun involved in it. Many weird and bizarre baths have surprisingly originated from Japan.

Beer Bath

Those who prefer beer instead of wine can indulge in this unique bath. It helps to make your skin look much beautiful and young. Kids and adult love to drop into the beer bath tub to have a great fun.

Petroleum Bath

One of the most dangerous baths is Petroleum bath. Do make sure that your eyes, nose and mouth have been properly covered while having this bath. Please ensure that no flame is there in the bathroom while having Petroleum Bath. This believed petroleum bath is very effective for defense against arthritics and skin disease as it has sulphur in it. This bath is practiced in sanitarium in Naftalan, Azerbaijan.

Tomato bath

Tomato bath during the week long Tomato festival in Columbia is world famous as it gives tomato fans the juicy red vegetable in a way they have never had it before. The festival is a war like situation where is no winners but a lot of fun. It is a virtual battle field in the street with the usage of ripe tomatoes as weapon and start throwing at each other. The entire scene resembles a river of tomato juice.

Red Wine Bath

Lovers of French wine can indulge themselves in a hot spring of French wine bath in Hakone Kowakien, Japan. The best part about bathing in wine is that you can drink it while you are in the pool of wine. Kids and adult participate in this with great enthusiasm. It is supposedly good for skin as well and makes it beautiful, young and rejuvenated.

Soil Bath

Soil bath is well practiced in the Kyushu Island in Japan in a traditional manner. This bath is beneficial for the whole body as it helps in the sweat discharge.  It relaxes the mind and body and gives a refreshed feel too. The entire body is covered with soil except the head.
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