Crazy House, Spooky Tree House Hotel in Vietnam

Hand Nga’s Tree House Hotel is one of those places which can reveal us some most common characteristics and features of life in Vietnam. The Hand Nga’s hotel is better known by its other unofficial name, Crazy House. There is not much doubt why this hotel got that name, it is enough to watch a few of photos and you could determine that it is crazy house, indeed.

Now the most shocking part is that this actually is not tree house, it is just built to look like tree house but the truth is that this structure has been built from regular construction materials. The hotel is run by Hand Nga, a daughter of former president of Vietnam.

The whole place looks creepy and scary and I am not sure I would like to stay there even for free. I believe this hotel could be perfect location for shooting some horror movie or similar. Images via : flickr 1,2,3

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