The Worlds Most Amazing Cloud Formations

In its own way, every cloud formation is beautiful and unique. The beauty of it could be in its color, its shape or its sheer size. Yet every once in a while, someone with a good camera chances upon those truly amazing cloud formations – the variety whose image gets stuck in your mind, freezes there and ‘refuses’ to go away. The variety that you know that you may never get to see again in your lifetime, however longer you live thereafter. Those are the types of cloud formations we refer to as the world’s most amazing formations.
There are a number of such truly amazing cloud formations on the online photo sharing site, Flickr. It is true, looking at flicker images, that you may not be able to conjure the exact feel the photograph-taker got upon sighting the cloud formations in question. Yet if the forms, sizes and colors on these images of cloud formations are anything to go by, you know that you are looking at some of the world’s most amazing cloud formations.
Florence, Italy
There is, for instance, one attributed to an obviously highly experienced photographer by the name Frank Slack, with the yellowish brown glow of a setting sun in the distance, as one example of such truly amazing cloud formations. The formation in question here – taken in the part of Italy known as Florence, is not spectacularly big, or particularly beautiful in form. The beauty in question, rather, lies in its color: the said yellowish brown tint of a setting sun, which is accentuated. To be sure, many people have been able to capture this phenomenon of the setting sun, before. They however, tend to do in from a distance: so that the yellowish brown tint is seen from a far. What Frank Slack has done away, however, is to capture the phenomenon roughly overhead: coming up with what can only be described as an amazing image.
Huntsville, Alabama
Then there is another amazing cloud formation whose image is to be found on the same photo sharing site (Flickr), and which is attributed to a photographer known as Wes Thomas. Said to have been taken at Huntsville Alabama, the beauty of this formation lies in its shape and size, rather than color (seeing that it was taken at night, according to the blurb alongside it). Words can’t describe it enough. Suffice it to say that it is the type of cloud formation that one is first tempted to dismiss as graphically altered with Photoshop or something, before getting to look at it more keenly.
New York
Still at Flickr, another truly amazing cloud formation we identified is one attributed to Ben Brown, apparently taken from New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. The wonderment here is in the color: it being a tone of red one wouldn’t ordinarily attribute to nature. The dispersed sheep wool shapes in it too, are amazing, as is the background against which it is taken under the Brooklyn Bridge.
Rio Vista, California
A blue-red cloud formation, taken in Rio Vista California by a photographer named Rebecca is worth of inclusion among the world’s most amazing cloud formations.
Walla Walla, Washington
There is also, still from Flickr, a deep blue formation, taken by Lynn Suckow at Walla Walla Washington – which for its color and form, earns a place among the world’s most amazing could formations.
Valencia, Spain
Marialuisa Wittlin’s yellowish brown cloud formation, taken in Valencia Spain, earns a place among the world’s most amazing cloud formations on three counts: color, form and size (this time the note on size being on account of smallness and hence ‘cuteness’).
Buskerud, Norway
Still exploring Flickr, we come across Kalinka Iglesias’ pearl colored formation, photographed in Beskerud Norway, as yet another worth entry to the list of the world’s most amazing cloud formations.
Central Illinois
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