Ancient Uros Tribe is Living in Floating Settlements For Centuries

When we hear about floating settlements then the very first thing what most of us will think about will be some futuristic design of floating settlement we already seen or similar. Very small number of us know that floating settlements are not something what occupies imagination of modern human only. There are a lot of evidences that floating settlements were pretty popular amongst people even in past and the fact that there are some which still do exist is pretty amazing.

A few of such settlements can be found floating in Lake Titicaca in Peru. Actually there is a few of dozens of them and the more bizarre thing is that some of those floating islands are inhabited by people who live in a very similar way of life their ancestors did for hundreds of years.

Those floating islands are made by Uros people in Inca times. Islands are inhabited by Uros tribe and they are living there even in present. They never decided to move to solid ground and they kept their traditional way of life for hundreds of years.
Islands are made of layers of tortora reeds and residents of those floating settlements are carefully maintaining their islands by replacing old materials from which islands were built with the new ones they collect on the edges of the lake.
Only a few of those settlements are allowed to be visited by tourists because of efforts to prevent the interaction between Uros tribe people and modern people in order to keep their customs and tradition unchanged.
Images source : jennifrog
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