The Special Bonsai For Your Special Garden: Dwarf Pomegranate bonsai

Bonsai is one of few plants which are used by millions of people to decorate their house and gardens. Even some people have this as a hobby. Of late we are seeing a growing interest in the bonsai growing nature. Bonsai designs, if it followed very religiously and implemented can win you a fantastic look for your sweet home with some added envy from your neighbors. One such tree which will really fructify your bonsai is Dwarf Pomegranate bonsai .Dwarf Pomegranate can be used both as a fruiting or flowering variety bonsai.

Dwarf Pomegranate bonsai is awesomely famous among bonsai lovers .Dwarf Pomegranate has got really beautiful yellow-orange colored flowers accompanied by small good looking fruits, spherical in shape. These colored trumpet shaped flowers, red fruit and dark green marbled leaves having patches of bronze tinge in Dwarf Pomegranate provide an altogether offbeat shade to the lay onlooker. All in all Dwarf Pomegranate is a lively bonsai to lay a hand upon, especially prescribed for miniature and small style bonsai.
Dwarf Pomegranate is usually found in hot and sunny Mediterranean conditions with a tad bit exposure to damp soil. The reason I say damp soil is during a shady and dry ambience Dwarf Pomegranate is induced to flowering. Dwarf Pomegranate requires sunlight in ample proportions .Frost and fairly dry winds will adversely affect plant’s health. A warm climate has to be created through green houses if you do not live in one .Utmost care is to be taken while handling its branches which is fairly brittle. Dwarf Pomegranate has fairly densely grown root system which requires a slightly shallower pot as compared to other bonsai. Dwarf Pomegranate requires a dedicated and careful approach you cannot be oblivious about this bonsai.
Dwarf Pomegranate has a twisting style trunk which gives it a very elegant antique look much sought after by many .Dwarf Pomegranate’s ancient looks resembles a look straight out of a children fantasy book. Added to these features this plant can be configured to a dwarf pomegranate, forest, windswept, informal upright, root over rock, miniature look .These all designs look elegant upon the Dwarf Pomegranate bonsai.
Once the temperature comes down Dwarf Pomegranate bonsai should be immediately brought indoors. A low nitrogen , high phosphorus, high potassium fertilizer when added to Dwarf Pomegranate bonsai soil twice a week especially between spring to fall will have fructifying results upon its look. Pruning of Dwarf Pomegranate bonsai is to be done in such a manner that it is just cut to one or two sets of leaves. Moreover branches in which flowering are about to start is to be left so. Since these are brittle and may crack under its own weight it is better to wire these twigs. Extreme care should be taken while Dwarf Pomegranate bonsai is repotted which is advisable every two years when buds begins to indicate.
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