Areas of Consideration before Planting Bonsai Trees

The bonsai trees are the miniature trees which are grown in pots or trays. Bonsai literally means bon (tray) and sai (plant). Growing bonsai trees has been an ancient art that is becoming increasingly popular with every passing day throughout the whole World. However, before planting bonsai trees, there are certain things which need to be considered and just for your concern, in this piece of writing, I have decided to share of those things with you.
Before planting bonsai tree, the first step that needs to be considered is how to choose a bonsai tree. Basically, there are two highlighted types in which bonsai trees can be bought. The first one is the already grown up plants and the other one is the starter plants. It is being suggested that the grown up plants are much easier to grow as compared to the starter plants because grown up plants are already maintained and grown up to an extent as well. However, the major drawback of going for grown up plants is that they are quite expensive as compared to the starter ones. This is because they are mostly found in landscape centers and lots of work and effort has already been done on them. So, if you are really inclined towards bonsai gardening, then it is advisable here that you must go for start bonsai plants.
The second element which needs to be considered is before bonsai planting is the bonsai care which you would be doing once you had planted the bonsai. When talking about bonsai care, the most highlighted thing is the watering. Beginners have the tendency to over water or under water their bonsai trees. In order to assure good health of bonsai plants, you need to make sure you are watering them in accordance with the season. For instance, if it is summer, then you need to water you bonsai plants on daily basis, while on the other hand, if it is winter, then you need to water your bonsai plants periodically.
Finally for a healthy bonsai tree, the fertilization process is also a very important element that needs to be considered before planting bonsai tree as well. Incorrect application of fertilizers is an important thing which needs to be avoided at all costs. Bonsai plants require water soluble fertilizer during the growing seasons once or twice a month. Moreover the fertilizer must be given to the trees only when its soil is wet and muddy. If this is not done the fertilizer effects would be zero and will not assist the growth of bonsai plants as well.
So, above mentioned are some important things which you need to consider at all costs before planting bonsai trees.
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