Bonsai Care – Proper Watering Tips and Technique

Bonsai is an art of growing various species of trees in a shallow or tray pots. However, bonsai care can be quite a difficult process to carry out. Without proper dedication, skill and attention the bonsai trees might die which can be unfortunate for the planter and the tree itself as well. Using the cultivation techniques such as potting, pruning, grafting and defoliation, the bonsai trees can be grown in its full mature size tree with ease. Moreover, most importantly the correct time and amount of water also matters as this enables tree to grow much rapidly and without any problem as well. The planter should give the tree enough water so that it can easily sustain new root growth. However, the planter must not water the bonsai too much because it will result in bonsai getting waterlogged and will eventually die after a while as well. Bonsai masters say that the skill of watering bonsai is acquired over time in order to grow a successful bonsai.
Watering has been one of the most important elements for bonsai care. Too little water would result in tree getting dehydrated and too much water will make the bonsai waterlogged. However before starting the watering procedure two elements must be considered. Firstly how much amount of water is required and secondly what is the correct time to water the bonsai as well.
Bonsai plants are tropical and sub tropical, so they require humid temperature for their proper growth. Moreover, most of the bonsai trees tend to die because of dehydration which is because of lack of water or being kept in a low humidity environment.
In the same way the timing of watering these trees is also very important as wrong selection of time can really hinder its growth. The bonsai trees must be watered early in the morning. The quantity of watering also varies from season to season. In summers, the bonsai trees should be watered daily because the weather is too hot and the root of the bonsai requires much water. In winter season, as the weather is cold so bonsai trees must be watered periodically.
When watering the bonsai trees, you must also remember to use a fine hose or sprinkler to water the roots and the soil. However, if there are large numbers of bonsai trees, located at a distance from each other in a garden then you can consider installing a drip irrigation system within the garden as well.
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