9 Tips for Installing a Good Wall Bracket, Guaranteed Very Safe!

One of the advantages of LCD TVs, Plasma TVs and LED TVs is their thin dimensions, much thinner than Tube TVs. This also makes it light in weight. You can also hang the TV on the wall as a wall decoration in general. So you can save space. You need a tool called a bracket to be able to attach the television to the wall.

Usually this television bracket product is sold separately from the television unit that you have purchased. It is recommended to choose a TV stand bracket that is produced by a well-known factory so that the quality is guaranteed. The most important factor to consider is to make sure the bracket meets VESA standards. Please note, to install a secure wall bracket, you should first read the user manual.

Below are tips that you should pay attention to in installing TV brackets so that the results are firmly and completely secure!

You must prepare all the equipment needed to mount the TV bracket on the wall.

Choose the position where the bracket will be attached. In addition to having to match the design that has been planned, also try to make the wall really strong. Never install brackets on unsupported walls such as damp, cracked, and brittle walls and outdoor walls.

If you don't hesitate to install the bracket product yourself, don't ever push yourself. Don't hesitate to ask other experienced people around you for help. During the installation process, please read the user manual as a guide

Carefully open the bracket container cardboard. Check once again whether the product is in accordance with the existing specifications. You must use brackets with specifications that match the dimensions and characteristics of the television.

TV bracket products must be placed in a place that has good air circulation. Do not place heat sources such as space heaters on the bottom of the product. Also avoid installing air conditioners / air conditioners on top of the product.

Follow the provisions for setting the bracket width according to the explanation. Insert and tighten the eye-bolts, or the TV bracket and the screw on the back of the TV. If there is a bolt in position for the eye-bolt, you will need to remove it first.

Install the wall bracket and bolt on the wall. Adjust the position of the wall bracket and eye-bolts on the back of the TV. Connect the eye-bolts of the wall bracket using a strong rope. Then make sure the rope is in a position perpendicular to the wall surface.

Combine the bracket that has been installed with the television product. Attach the wall support bracket to the back of the TV carefully, then attach it to a strong wall perpendicular to the floor. Adjust the tilt and position of the product and make sure it hangs firmly and securely.

Install the cable properly and correctly. Make sure you do not connect the power cord before the wiring is complete. After that, attach the cables using a plastic binder called a band tie. As much as possible avoid tying cables using wire/metal ties. Also do not join the cable with the hinge bracket because it can cause the cable to be damaged or peeled.

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