Did You Ever Imagine What This World Would Look Like Without Engineering?

Engineering and researching in order to improve human’s life is present from the time of very first humans on Earth. The ability to think and imagine gave humans an opportunity to make their life easier and less painful. Other creatures are not even closely intelligent as humans so they never could change the way they live. However, humans did that many times in history, and they are doing it now. Inventing and engineering is main wheel of humans prosperity and is main reason we have much easier lives today than people who lived in past.
Engineers and scientists are people who really deserve some special respect because of jobs they do. Every day, some new invention is made which can help human to live and survive easier.
But, humans are forgetful creatures, and sometimes we just do not think what this world would look like without the science and inventions. One of the most important inventions of all times was a wheel, however, it is not the only one without we couldn’t imagine our lives today. Here you can see a few illustrated examples what humans’ life could look like without science, inventions and engineering.

Air Transportation

Civil Engineering




Ground Transportation


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