Costa Rica’s Stone Spheres Covered by The Veil of Mystery

Mysterious stone spheres have been found in different parts of the world and, as same as pyramids, their purpose and their origin is still unclear and covered by the veil of mystery. Costa Rica is one of countries which has a plenty of those mysterious stone spheres.
First of them were discovered in 1930. and since that they have became a real puzzle for local and international archaeologists who are trying to determine where those spheres came from and for what they were used. Some scientists believe those stones were made about 2 thousands years ago, however, other scientists who support the idea of unknown ancient civilizations claims that such stone spheres could be old even 20 thousands years or even more.
Local people call those spheres ‘Las Bolas’ and they can be found in many parts of Costa Rica. They can be found in many other Latin American countries and, by some unwritten rule, they usually appear in places where there are some pyramids in neighborhood. Image sources: 1Via: adventure travel tips

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