Bridesmaid dresses that compliment your bridesmaids

It is meant to be the happiest day of your life but, more often than not, the lead up and, on occasions even the big day itself is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. What are we talking about? Well, weddings of course.
There is so much to arrange, so much that can go wrong; from the venue, the food, the cake and even the dress and these are just the things that you can have control over.

There are also the things outside of your control that people worry about; are people enjoying themselves, do they like the food, your dress, the location? Then there are the bridesmaid dresses; you have your closest friends around you and it should be a happy time for you all, but are they telling you the truth about those expensive bridesmaid dresses you are forcing them to wear?

But fear not, there is help out there when co-ordinating your perfect wedding and making sure your bridesmaids are happy in their dresses, if a little bored during the speeches!

There are several styles to keep an eye out for when choosing bridesmaid dresses, the first of these being the A-line dress. This is one of the most popular styles that suits almost all body types and make your bridesmaids feel as fabulous as they look. The best fabric to compliment this style is satin, though taffeta, organza and faille work just as well. The figure-hugging mermaid cut gowns are perfect bridesmaid dresses for those with curves. These are tight fitting dresses, which flare out towards the floor. This is an ultra-sexy look which shows off any curves to their best.
One of the most practical styles of bridesmaid dresses is the separate, or two-piece, dress. This style allows you to mix and match colours, keeping your bridesmaids in touch with colour schemes. It also allows curvy or petite girls to show off their best bits, but it is not advisable to put those with pear shapes, full tummies or athletic body shapes in these, well not if you want to keep them as friends!
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