Tree House Made Of Car In The Middle Of Air

Truck In The TreeCan you imagine a house made of truck in the middle of a tree hanging all in the air? It must be sounding a bit funny and weird, but one cannot limit the imagination of human mind. If you can built a castle in the air, then this can always be done. Imagine staying inside a House made of a truck all in the air, with mild wind flowing across your small room filled with beautiful fragrance from the nature.
The truck perfectly fits the tiny space in between the two huge branches coming out of the trunk of the tree. It holds the truck like a mother holding its baby in the lap, so secure yet so enjoying. Once you get inside the tree house made of truck, you let loose all your imagination and literally drive them anywhere you would like too. You can produce your own engine sound with the help of the vibrating lips. You can play some games in the swanky area it has inside the Tree House and have loads of fun over there. You will certainly have a fun filled experience over there for sure.
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