Transforming Your Old Books into Unique Planters

Have you had problems with placing old massive books which are not cool enough to keep them in your shelves and still you wouldn’t like to drop them in garbage? For example, I have a few of really massive books about ‘Windows 5′ secrets and I know that I will never use that book again, yet, I am not ready to dump it in garbage.

The idea about transforming your books into a planter should be cool enough. All you need to do is to find some tool (I think it is possible to do it with ordinary knife) to cut in a hole in the middle of your fat book and to place some soil in it. Now you only need a decent plant to make little garden in your book. For those who like bonsai trees, this could be perfect idea. And I am sure your friends are going to be pretty curious about your weird book-planters :)
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