Perfect Soil For The Perfect Bonsai

Bonsai soil poses a great problem to the bonsai enthusiasts. Though the soil may be bought from nurseries they are too costly to think of. Hence there goes the style-Go your own way. Many ingredients are necessary to make the soil. If it is done well success is sure to achieve. Individual experts utilize their own knowledge to choose what type of soil is actually suitable for a particular bonsai.
Soil for perfect Bonsai
A bonsai needs small quantity of soil to thrive. This soil helps it to have water, gases and other nutrients. Only for this reason the soil on which the plant is placed must be of good quality. The health and growth of a tree fundamentally depends on a good soil.
To have the best achievement such a soil is necessary which has the capacity of water retaining and nutrient absorbing power. Hence the soil is the prime object to give the actual thrust for its perfect development. If dead organic matters are added the soil is boosted to retain water and nutrients to a large extent. Hence it should always be taken into account soil is the first vital need of a perfect bonsai.
Next the question of drainage system comes. Water is a must for the vitality of the plant. But it must be added in proper quantity. If watering is excessive the roots would rot. Then the total effort would be nothing but a big zero. Drainage should be basically done with small stones that keep the pores open and allow the excess water to pass in easily. Again good drainage aids to have the compost perfect air. The tree then gets the proper nourishment.
It is known to all that bonsai requires such soil that retains water and allows extra water to be drained. But there is an opposite factor too. Pine and juniper need less water that hints at the point that they need a soil that does not retain water. Again flower plants and fruit trees need excessive water and require such soil that has a high power of water retention. Hence there lies the fact while preparing soil the number of small stones should be taken into account.
Soil is prepared in two ways- organic and inorganic. The two types of soil need stones for drainage but there remains the factor of water retentive power. Organic soil is prepared quite easily taking materials from the garden or from stores. But preparation of inorganic soil is difficult. Volcanic lava or baked clays are necessary to get it a new brand.
The ideal bonsai soil should be 50% stones and 50% peat. They act accordingly. Organic substitutes are leaves and composted bark .But organic substances have problems too. They are to a great extent water retentive and prone to breaking down. On the other hand inorganic soil contains a certain quantity of water and flushes the excess through the bottom of the pot. Akadama, white Japanese clay, is specific for a bonsai but can be had from the nurseries only.
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