Pedal Tavern, the Bicycle Powered Party on Wheels

If you spot a group of people riding the strange bicycle-like vehicle while walking the streets of your town, don’t be surprised because this thing is becoming more and more popular. Pedal Tavern is a huge bicycle created for 16 persons. The manufacturers of this vehicle claims that it is actually a ‘bicycle powered party on wheels’.
This traveling bar can host 16 persons and there is one special place for the driver who navigates the vehicle.
The idea about creating such thing came from two young men, Ryan Lloyd and Derek Collins who designed this vehicle and originally named it Milwaukee Pedal Tavern. The Pedal Tavern really looks like exciting experience, and if you drive in it you are definitely going to be in the middle of people’s attention but there is a little problem, the one-hour ticket for driving in this vehicle costs 160 dollars. That’s little bit too much for a pocket of an average citizen, however, it seems that there is a plenty of people out there who can afford this.
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