Organic Farming Gardening

The natural phenomenon of producing food naturally without using synthetic chemicals and other harmful materials is known as organic farming. Although there is some distinction between farming and gardening but never the less these two terms have some resemblance. In both gardening and farming, plantation is common. Preparing your own garden for the purpose of farming is known as organic farming gardening.
Soil plays a vital role in organic farming gardening. Crops should be grown without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Food produced with the help of organic matter is healthier and safe for human health. The organic food contains more nutritional value than the food produced with conventional chemical based methods.
There are certain principles which are linked with the term organic farming gardening. Some of them are as follows:
  • Avoiding synthetic chemicals, drugs and artificial fertilizers.
  • Prevention of soil depletion.
  • Growing different crops (not just a single specie), which is also known as “bio diversity”.
  • Avoiding the production of genetically modified organisms.
According to a research, it has been found that food produced 50-60 years back was healthy and chemical free. While food produced in this modern era is mostly produced with the help of different chemicals and fertilizers which are unhealthy for human health.
The concept of organic farming basically developed from the consumer reaction against the production of food while using synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Thus, the concept of organic farming simply defined traditional agriculture which was practiced thousands years back before 20th century.
Organic farming has been limited to small business but now day’s a new concept has been developed which is known as organic farming gardening. Lot’s of people are producing their own organic food outside or inside their home following the traditional principles of organic farming. These methods are expensive as compared to other chemical methods but the outcome of organic farming is far better then other conventional chemical based methods.
In this modern era, people are willing to pay more for consuming healthy and hygienic food. As the time goes by, more and more people will shift towards organic farming which will definitely help in its promotion.
People have realized the importance of healthy and organic food for their health. This realization has brought many changes like people are growing their own organic food inside or outside their houses following the principles of organic farming gardening. Its better choice to grow your own organic food rather going for chemically produced food, after all your health is your wealth.
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