Kung fu monkeys beat up trainer

Monkey took offense at his trainer and showed him the lessons of kung fu .
Lo Wung’s kung fu monkeys have become a regular feature outside a shopping centre in Enshi, Hubei province, where they were trained to show off their martial arts skills on each other. But one quick-thinking monkey saw his chance when Lo slipped – and caught him with a perfect flying kung fu kick to the head. The rest then joined in the affray.
Hu Luang, 32, who caught the incident on camera, said: “I saw one punch him in the eye – he grabbed another by the ear and it responded by grabbing his nose.
“They were leaping and jumping all over the place – it was better than a Bruce Lee film.”
At one point the monkey trainer grabbed a staff to hit the monkeys, only to find himself facing a stick-brandishing monkey that cracked him over the head.
Lo only managed to get the monkeys under control by tangling them up in the rope that had been used to stop them running off.  [oranges.co.uk] and [english.cnhubei.com]
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