Kick-boxing Orangutans met in the ring Bangkok

Dressed in bright shorts and boxing gloves, orangutans strike blows to each other in the ring. Violent sports fights are held in the Safari World theme park on the outskirts of Bangkok in Thailand. Six years ago, this kind of spectacle are prohibited.
-Girls ringers remind us of the next round.
Orangutans met in the ring Bangkok (5)
-The battle lasts about 30 minutes after which the animals return to their cells.
-Pets weighing up to 250 feet can inflict the most severe damage.

In 2004, the Thai government banned the Safari World after using the center for illegal smuggling purposes. The question of the resumption of the show was resolved was following the rescue of 48 orangutans and their delivery to the shelter in Nyaru Menteng Borneo.
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