Ice Kingdom

Where reigns the ice and snow … Where the cold burns the lungs … Where from giant glaciers break off and go on a long voyage iceberg … there is an icy kingdom, where you can see such beauty, which is then a long-held dream.
The midday sun is reflected from the surface of the ridges along the western coast of the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen.
Seagulls are sitting on an iceberg in the fjord near Ilulissat .
The ship cuts through the melting ice in the Ilulissat fjord .
Arctic Tern lands on a fence at Ny-Ålesund
American submarine “resting” by swimming 0.9 m in the Arctic Ocean
Ilulissat ice fjord in Greenland
Icebergs are separated from Icelandic glacier Vatnayekyudl before you sail into the sea .
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