Guidelines For Caring Your Bonsai In Summer, Autumn, Winter

Bonsai is such a special plant and a decorative item that it needs constant care during all the seasons round the year. There are different activities and care which needs to be done to these sensitive bonsai plants. Here you can see how the seasonal care differs from summer to autumn and winter seasons.
To start with we can see how these bonsai plants should be taken care in summer season. During the summer season you are advised to use coarse type of soil mix. You can try to rotate the plants by a quarter so that each and every part of the bonsai get sufficient amount of sunlight. A proper supply of sunlight and air will keep many diseases away from them. Some of the bonsai may need shade cloth during afternoon, so that they don’t get over exposed to light. During this season you can opt for high phosphate content fertilizers which are good for flowering plants. The other most important aspect of summer care is the proper watering of your bonsai from time to time.
Then comes the second season for your bonsai in the form of autumn. It is the season where some fast growers like junipers, pomegranates and elms can go out of control in their growth activity. So keep a watch on them and prune them as and when needed. The other most important thing to be kept in mind in autumn season is the water retention in the pots. Water logging will spoil the bonsai in no time. So you need to be extra careful. And finally pest control should also be taken care of.
Then comes the chilling winter season where some areas are hard freeze under frost. Some bonsai like natal plum, Ficus, bougainvillea etc needs special attention in winter season. You can move such bonsai types close to your house under some roof, so that they remain well protected in tough winter nights. You can also consider keeping an insulative material like news papers over the pots. In winter the bonsai need less amount of water and keep in mind that the bonsai needs no fertilizer in the winter season.
Finally the spring season arrives with a charming climatic change. Its the best time for growth, restyling and repotting activities. Those bonsai plants which were in the same pot for more than 2 years can be considered for repotting. You can change the shape and size of the pots if you want keeping in mind the overall growth of the bonsai. You may also need some pruning activity for those bonsai plants which are fast growing ones. In winter season you can go for NPK kind of fertilizers which maintain the over well being of the bonsai.
The other things to be kept in mind is the proper draining, repotting, pruning activities which should go on irrespective of the season in consideration. Special care is needed during the transition period of the seasons and after sometime they get adjusted soon with the climatic changes.
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