Futuristic Bugatti Stratos Concept

Designing a car is an art and sometimes the graphic designers outwit the automotive ones in their own trade. The reason is that designers like Bruno Delussu (French) are never bothered about the technical specifications as to what will power the car, but simply let their imagination flow to create what pleases the eye. The mesmerizing Buggati Stratos created by the French graphic designer affirms that it is favorable to let go the tech spec considerations to create a gem of a design. Bruno was inspired by the ever so beautiful Buggati Type 57 Atlantic and that inspiration did help him weave magic. Some design cues were also picked up from the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Mille Miglia (for the front end) and Raymond Loewy’s locomotive designs. I must say that it for the first time I don’t really bother whether the Stratos will ever make the cut or not.

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