Dream Interpretation As A Science

Admittedly, there are a fair number of people trying their hands on how to predict their own deaths, for the very simple reason that they want to avoid or delay such scenarios. The truth is: no matter how great dream interpretation progresses as a form of science, the prediction of the future (particularly one’s own future) is as easy as creating a time machine from scratch. And in case you still don’t know, time machines are still the stuff of science fiction… and so is accurate dream interpretation. As many of you know, there are no clear paths towards the practice of clairvoyance.

Humankind is notorious for suddenly changing minds or taking a walk on the less traveled route. Even carefully crafted plans for the future can go awry because of unforeseen circumstances accidentally or willfully subjected to the plans. So staking your claim unto the future with dreams is as reliable as wishing for good health for the rest of your days. It may happen; but then again, it may not.
It should be noted that people who dream of death does not mean that they are about to see death in the works or the likelihood of someone’s demise in the future. Death in dreams comes in various forms: death of someone you know; death of a stranger; murder by your or someone else’s hands; death of a pet or an animal; and even your own death scene like an accident or suicide. More often than not, death in dreams is a progenitor of change. In most do-it-yourself dream dictionaries, death symbolizes the closure of one event in order to give way to another. This could mean a whole host of things, like: end of a friendship or a relationship; shifting to a new job; moving away to a new home, etc.
It is accepted in most dream interpretations that dark ended bridges or tunnels are the symbols of both life and death. It could mean the arrival of a child into the person’s life or the arrival of a new friend or lover. It could also mean the death of a person close to the dreamer, or an acquaintance or even the dreamer himself or herself. Bridges and tunnels usually mean following through to an unknown destiny, for good or for bad.
However, as of late, science has still not found any correlation between dreams and possible predictions of the future. Dreams that suddenly declare to the dreamer a series of events leading to a death in progress or the possible occurrence of death in the future can be vividly seen nowhere else except on TV shows and movies. Dreams can be complex, and very often disjointed and unclear. So trying to put it into a comprehensible series of actions is now up to the conscious mind. Unfortunately, the rational mind tends to fill in blanks of the irrationality of the vision – and thereby “tainting” it.
Although there have been a number of hits in the past researches when it comes to scientific dream analysis and interpretations, there are actually more misses that make these researches inconclusive at best. So far, the only thing that makes death in dream interpretations worthwhile is the fact that people who take dreams literally tend to be a lot more careful about themselves – which can keep possible accidents (even death) at bay.
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