Brave Mantis Shows Some Kung-Fu Skills While Fighting the Dog

Here is a pretty interesting photo-story which can’t be seen every day. This story will show you mantises are very brave creature, despite their physical construction does not give them any reason to be brave.
This little dog has stepped out on the way of one little mantis. Little mantis didn’t want any trouble but that stupid dog continued to provoke him, so he asked him nicely to leave him alone. Dog refused and continued to push mantis so this little but brave insect had only one choice. To fight that dog and show him some super-cool kung-fu skills.
However, fight lasted for couple of minutes. Mantis punched the dog pretty good a few times but that beast of dog finally managed to bring little brave mantis to the ground thanks to it’s weight rather than its skills.
Now little mantis is served as a lunch for that dog but that is some other story which could be told some other time…
The end

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