Bonsai Style The Perfect Overview

The word bonsai is derived from the Japanese language and means an ideal tree made after one’s own whims. Bonsai has a perfect style of its own and has been drawing attraction of people since time immemorial.
There are many styles of bonsai art. The first and foremost one is the  hokidachi  that is achieved distinction through the style of ‘v’ cut. The chokkan style has a peculiarity of its own. The straight trunk is tapered from bottom to the top. The biggest branch is raised to a height as desired. The ‘moyogi’ style shows that the trunk is not straight but takes a tortuous shape and best suited with conifers.
Shakan ‘ is formal upright but the trunk leans on one side with the branches grown uniformly on the trunk. The apex tilts to the opposite side of the trunk highlighting a visual effect. ‘ kengai ‘ has a peculiarity of the inclination of the trunk at just 45 degree angle. The striking feature is that the major portion of the foliage stretches past beyond the pot in a frequent manner. ‘ han kengai ‘ follows ‘ kengai ‘ style very closely but the foliage remains above the pot line.
It is the ‘ bunjin ‘ style that is too popular to be adopted in the art form. There are so many Japanese art paintings that depict the particular style in a majestic way. The foliage growing at the top of the tree makes a spectacular shape. It carries an exception as it does not follow any specific rules. The ‘bunjin is the symbol of  ‘ Search for liberty ‘ and is highly adored in japan.
The ‘ vose- ue ‘ reminds us of a forest where trees stand in rows. The style is made in such a manner that it highlights the growing habits of trees. Different techniques are adopted to give it a look of a forest. It has a particular glamour of its own and draws immediate attention.
It must be remembered that indoor bonsai is grown for indoor environment. But if it is grown outdoor the style may vary and done with extreme caution. A neglect in processing may lead to fatal damage to a tree whether indoor or outdoor. If done well with elegant style a bonsai may be vibrant eth grandeur and natural charisma.
It must be taken care that the age old art form in the style of vegetation must not lose glamour. Every aspect of its upkeep should be monitored in a balanced way. It is quite evident that the beautiful GLOBE IS IN ACUTE DANGER OWING TO WARMING. In this crucial state any sort of venture whether it is new or old must be given top priority. Bonsai remaining the age old style should be taken into account. Only a passion for a time being is not any solution, there must be earnest love for trees that would evoke the spirit of caring for trees as own dear ones.
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