Bat Flower, Beautiful and Creepy in Same Time

The Bat Flower, also known as Tacca Chantrieri is one of the world’s most creepiest looking flowers. If you carefully watch this flower you will notice how it incredibly looks similar to bat. Its weird-looking flowers are like the bat faces with huge teeth and their black colors gives them even spookier shape. They can be found in tropical regions of Australia, south-eastern Asia and Africa.
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Despite the fact they have such creepy look, they are favorite plants amongst planters and they are often cultivated in decorative purposes in homes and gardens. They are known to be little bit picky about the climate where they are grown but, if you are using right cultivating techniques, you could probably growe it in your home.

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They are not friendly with too hot and too dry air. They also need a very precisely chosen mixture of soil which will be light, porous and which will have good draining characteristics .
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    I don’t know why, but this flower incredibly reminds me on Predator.
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