Amazing creatures in Underwater Zoo Indonesia

Underwater inhabitants are really interesting and fascinating to watch and in all kinds. There are many people who would pay thousands of dollars to watch different aquatic animals in their original conditions but for some it is relatively easier and rather for the purpose of examination and fun and for that purpose, there are many underwater zoos that are made for the people to go to and have the full fun of. If you don’t have enough savings to go scuba diving into the places of your choice and you want to experience colorful details and living creatures underwater, you could go to the underwater zoo in Indonesia.

The underwater zoo in Indonesia is an open place for everyone to be at and have a look at the most eye captivating life forms on earth. It stretches 1 to 2 kilometers wide to a length of about 15 kilometers located on the islands of Limbe northern tip of the vast Indonesian island of Sulawesi in the parts of Indonesia to be specific.
In the underwater zoo of Indonesia, there are Pygmy seahorses that one could experience to watch that are very rare and of different sorts too. Living in different colonies that are different from each other on the basis of habitat and mode of food consumption they could be identified by the divers once they set in their trip.

There are also skates that a person could easily see in the underwater zoo in Indonesia but they are so small that one could barely distinguish between them from the appearance. The skates are readily sedentary and they don’t move around a lot. On the side slopes and rocks you could easily see them from a distance.

In the depth of coral reefs in the underwater zoo in Indonesia, divers also find fish-leaf. This type of fish is really interesting to observe because its body is fairly vertical and flattened overall. The movement of this fish is quite unique and it gives an appearance of a side to side movement rather than a total flow. Having a really bright and colorful morphology, this fish has its own means for the protection and shelter from the other beings of the aquatic life. fish tangerine could also be found if you are a luck person because it is quite famous because of how it looks and the color it represents. For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Hotel rates in Sulawesi for more information.
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