Add Elegance to Your Wedding with Orchid wedding flowers And Its Types

Can you imagine your dream wedding without wedding flowers? Flowers bring happiness, beauty, elegance to your wedding. Because of their exotic colors orchid wedding flowers are very much favorite among the brides. Orchid is the symbol of “high social status” and “wealth”. Earlier Orchid wedding flowers are said to be only for wealthy people because it was very costly to grow orchids in Europe. But now you can purchase them from around the globe and you don’t have to spend much to buy them. These are the type of flowers that looks very delicate and soft but orchids are of very tough type as they can survive without water.

Usually wedding flower bouquets are made from Orchids.  They come in    various shapes, designs and off course in various colors that is the main reason why they are that much popular. Silk orchids bouquets are basically used in the winter and real orchids in summer.
These Orchid wedding flowers are also used for decoration of wedding cakes. Silk orchids are used to transform a white cake into a magical type of cake. You will have hard time to choose between these orchid wedding flowers as they come in so many colors. You can give specialty to your wedding cake by choosing from blue, purple, orange and from so many colors at your disposal.
Orchid wedding flowers are also used for the decoration of wedding area. The idea of orchid wedding flower increases the inquisitiveness of the place. You can adorn the trees, chairs, tables and just anything with the real or silk flowers. Other way to give specialty to your wedding is to use them on pillow carrying the rings, scattering the real orchid petals by the flower girl. Love and beauty is the language that is spoken by the orchid wedding flowers and these are must for your wedding because these flowers not only will make the wedding special for you only but for the guests also.
Types of Orchid wedding Flowers
The most popular of orchid wedding flowers that are used in weddings is the Cymbidium orchid. These flowers come in wide variety of colors like white, green, pink etc. They have waxy type of petals, due to wax, they are resistant to drying out quickly. These can be used in wired bridal bouquet in hot summer’s day. These can also be used in vase of water and simply floating, you can imagine that how much elegance they can bring to your wedding.
Singapore Orchid, known as Dendrobium which is also very famous. They normally come in two colors purple and white and are more delicate than other Orchid wedding flowers. Other varieties of orchids are Vanda Orchids, Phalaeonopsis orchids, etc. You will always get Orchids according to your choice or cost and will give elegance and uniqueness to your wedding.
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