A Bonsai expert Think of Ficus or Juniper

When we think of an excellent Bonsai treatment we may think of the Ficus or rain forest figs which grow in number in the wild jungles of South East Asia. In a bonsai, the fruit is not a crucial factor. Ficus grow in full sun and semi moist soil. As a bonsai the leaves of Ficus or fig trees depend on the species. Ficus are of the habit of absorbing water in a fast rate. Hence while doing bonsai it must be kept in mind that watering is absolutely not a mandatory factor. If the Ficus are watered in a massive scale there is every possibility of the roots to be rotten.

Defoliating of leaf size is done towards the end of summer. Pruning through the whole year is necessary cutting a few leaves. Enough light is never essential as Ficus prefer low light. The room temperature must be 15 degree Centigrade to 22 degree Centigrade. Sudden temperature change is not tolerated by Ficus. During spring and summer when Ficus are kept inside the room watering should be done plentifully. During winter Ficus prefer just spraying of water. Ficus look excellent in ‘Root over the Rock Style’.
The Juniper bonsai has an edge over others for many reasons. Juniper has tremendous popularity in the North America and known there as the Juniper procumbent nana. There are so many juniper species to swell the hearts of the bonsai experts but the species known as the nana is ahead of all. This popularity is so striking that the retail stores can not meet the supply the need of supply round the year. It decorates a home quite graciously hence the demand is sky high. The garden juniper, often reputed as the mallsai, was sold in the shopping mall. It has not won much fame so to say.

A special juniper bonsai popularly known as the Sargeant Juniper or the Shipaku juniper is rather popular among the bonsai lovers. Owing to its tender foliage this kind of juniper is acclaimed by the bonsai specialists.
Another juniper is worthy of mention. It is the ‘rigid needle juniper ‘. It never cares for proper look-after, rather withstands different hazards and grows in every corner quite negligibly. If no one bothers for its upkeep it thrives and thrives and at last makes the owner smile.
Regarding the maintenance of the junipers the first thing that all the bonsai enthusiasts have to keep in mind is that bright sun light is absolutely necessary for the development of a juniper bonsai. The garden Juniper grows well. But the indoor ones suffer much from light and humidity. Though two much is not necessary spraying in the summer time is suffice.
A balanced acidic fertilizer is needed for the up keep of a Juniper bonsai.
Regarding Root reduction proper care is to be made. Trimming should never be done with scissors. Reporting of young Juniper is encouraged every 3 or 4 years. Spring is regarded as the best time to report the Juniper bonsai.
Juniper bonsai must be saved from spider miter, spraying of insecticidal soap is necessary to keep the miter away. Most Juniper trees used for bonsai are cultivars from the general Juniper species.
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