Giant Coconut Crab

The largest terrestrial arthropod in the world is coconut crab (Birgus latro). They are basically renowned for their strong pincers which are able enough to crack down a coconut.

These crabs are also associated as robber crabs because of rumors going around that they steal shiny items such as silverware and pots from houses and other places.
This large edible land crab is related to hermit crab. Coconut crabs are mainly found in pacific and Indian oceans. There are termed as coconut crab because they eat coconut for their survival. The total weight of each coconut crab is around 40 pounds and they are more than 3 feet from head to tail, they are strong enough that they can crack a coconut with their pincers. This is not finished yet, these crabs also have the ability to climb trees, but they don’t utilize this ability much because they only eat coconuts which have already fallen from the trees.  Coconut crab meat is delicious and eaten by many people.
In some markets they are sold as pets, it’s hard to believe that creature like this has been sold as pets and people have also kept them in their houses as pets. They are not only renowned for their appearance and looks but they are mainly renowned for their strength and the ability to crack a hard coconut with their strong pincers. You can just imagine their strength, if they can crack a coconut with their pincers, how much damage they can do to a human being.
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